“The world is projected to use more energy in the next 30 years than in the history of mankind”

The world is projected to use more energy in the next 30 years than in the history of mankind according to the Stockholm Institute. We will need all forms of energy to meet population growth, expected to increase 29% to 9.7 billion by 2050. GreenChem Energy meets this energy challenge with a unique and patented process for delivering clean ultrahigh levels of Electro-Static Pulsed Energy down hole to significantly improve extraction of hydrocarbons in place, an order of magnitude more than “recoverable reserves estimate”. We call this process Pulsed Energy Reservoir Construction.

PERC is based on decades of research and testing by multinational energy companies, universities, and national laboratories. The industry challenge has been energy transmission limitations at required levels of energy.


The PERC downhole electrical energy pulse provides an unprecedented energy source to power known processes to enhance the permeability (fluid connectivity) within geologic rock formations. The initial energy density that can be transmitted and applied downhole is up to 40 million times the current best practice. The pulsed power is applied to literally construct artificial reservoirs exhibiting both highly conductive induced permeability and a dynamic hydro-mechanical induced fluid drive mechanism. The reservoir construction method is immediately impactful for extraction of hydrocarbons in unconventional reservoirs without the need for hydraulic fracturing and all the ecological damage that results from the current “best practices”. No oversized location, no sand, no water, no chemicals, no radioactive fallout, no directional drilling, and minimal carbon dioxide footprint.

“Attackers, rather than Defenders, have the economic growth advantage.”

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The authors of the book “Creative Destruction” propose success comes not from continuity but instead from discontinuity. They argue that successful companies are those that are as dynamic as the market itself. A recent article showed the length of time a corporation spends in the S&P 500 has dropped from 61 years in 1958 to just 18 years today. This is a dramatic change, a disruption in corporate longevity where new entrants deploy new technologies to disrupt established markets. Legacy players are left facing the moment of clarity described above. Green Chemistry’s PERC technology is that very disruption.

“Value is what drives the customer conversation–not price.”

“Good to Great” by Jim Collins is an interesting read on why some companies make the leap and others don’t. Good is the enemy of great. And per the author, good is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great. The argument is that truly great companies, for the most part, have always been great. And, the vast majority of good companies remain just that-good, but not great. Disruptive technologies on the other hand, typically enable new markets to emerge per the book “The Innovator's Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen. “Disruptive technology should be framed as a marketing challenge, not a technological one”. Green Chemistry’s PERC plasma energy for reservoir construction is capable of 40,000,000 times the energy levels compared to the prior efforts to stimulate hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs.


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"How it makes money"

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A typical unconventional well in the Permian basin of Texas costs around $7.5 million dollars for the drilling and completion of the well. This assumes a 10,000 ft horizontal lateral section and a stimulation of 50–60 stages at a current price of approximately $65,000 per stage. Hydraulic fracturing, although successful in improving hydrocarbon extraction, get on average 6% of the oil out of the reservoir. Stated another way, 94% of the oil on average is left in the reservoir. The PERC Reservoir Construction Process uses very high energy density submerged electrical arc discharges to produce a highly focused, supersonic speed acoustic energy waves. This energy wave creates a “wakefield” of highly modified unconsolidated formation materials, allowing significant improvements in hydrocarbon extraction. The disruptive PERC technology eliminates a majority of the well costs while potentially improving hydrocarbon extraction by an order of magnitude. Less well cost, higher production rate, higher recoverable production and significantly improve return on investment.

"Future Potential"

Green Chemistry Energy’s PERC technology is highly applicable for artificial reservoir construction within geothermal wells, specifically targeting ultra-hot dry rock  wells which are of special interest for high energy density clean renewable energy. PERC technology will be used to create fluid pathways in hot, hard, and often abrasive rock, a financial and technical challenge with current geothermal wells. The eventual entrance into Geothermal opens the door for Green Chemistry through Geothermal energy. No directional drilling, no hydraulic fracking and significantly improved fluid pathways to capture nature’s abundant energy.

Earth core structure. Elements of this image furnished by NASA