GreenChem Energy’s vision is to deliver sustainable energy technologies for a growing global population. Our mission is to get there in the safest and cleanest way possible.

Safety is the first condition of employment at GreenChem Energy. No hurts, no harm no spills. Everyone goes back home safely to their family and friends. We strive to minimize our footprint while at work or in operations. We believe safety should not stop when you leave work.

Safety is more than an individual effort. It starts with leadership commitment to training and certification of the skills required to perform the task and the proper tools to get the work done. It requires a team environment and culture where everyone looks out for one another.

Construction site safety. Protective hard hat, headphones, gloves and glasses on wooden background

We are in the process of delivering technologies that will increase energy extraction from hydrocarbon and geothermal sources by an order of magnitude. Our technology and processes minimize the environmental footprint that exists today and provide a safer, more hospitable workplace for our employees and our contractors. Every employee, consultant and service provider are responsible helping us achieve our goals by:

Meeting Regulatory and Company Compliance standards:

Our employees and contractors are obligated to comply with all pertinent environmental and safety laws, rules, and regulations to meet the health and safety requirements including conducting risk assessments, developing emergency procedures, and providing health surveillance.

Ensuring readiness to perform a task:

Ensuring our personnel have the necessary training, certifications and competency to carry out the tasks expected of them. All employees are encouraged to “stop work” immediately if they are uncertain about a task or perceive unsafe conditions and report to a supervisor.

Lowering Risk Tolerance:

Ensuring a company culture of hazard recognition and reducing risk by asking “what could go wrong”, “how bad could it be” and “what could I do about it”. The decision-making process is equally important as the training about hazard recognition and risk perception.


Improving outcomes is an integral industry and global goal. We strive to work with employees, consultants, vendors, and other industry sectors in our mission to improve the welfare and safety of our employees.

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