GreenChem Energy’s vision is to deliver sustainable energy technologies for a growing global population. Our mission is to get there in the safest and cleanest way possible while generating substantial returns on investment. Helping investors achieve their financial objectives informs our decision making at every level. We define Responsible Investment as an approach to investing that aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate substantial, long-term returns.

As an investor and investment manager of technologies aimed at providing sustainable energy through pulsed plasma and geothermal breakthroughs, we are by nature focused on critical ESG factors and the responsible stewardship of its investments. Ultimately, our technology and investment focus are on minimizing environmental impact wherever we work and operate. Our guiding principles include:

Identification of High Return Opportunities:

We identify and create positive ESG impacts for our investments where possible in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Best Practice Standards:

We endeavor to improve and modify our structures and actions to align with best practice standards and seek to improve them beyond the industry standard.

Affordable and Clean Energy:

We are an innovator of disruptive technologies for delivering cheaper, sustainable energy while minimizing and eliminating the environmental impact as we move towards the future.

Good Health and Well-Being:

Our primary contribution to societal good health and well-being is through the process of minimizing the environmental footprint of our services and technology while improving energy throughput.

Gender and Diversity Equality:

We aim for a balanced gender split in all levels of the organization and strive for diversity in mind and education. We look for leaders and innovators to deliver expectations.