Our Story

GreenChem Energy has developed a unique and patented process for delivering ultrahigh levels of Electro-Static Pulsed energy downhole. We call this the Pulsed Energy Reservoir Construction Method (PERC).

PERC is based on decades of research and testing by multinational energy companies, universities, and national laboratories.

The downhole electrical energy pulse provides an unprecedented energy source to power known processes to enhance the permeability (fluid connectivity) within hydrocarbon bearing geologic formations. Enhancing the permeability results in significantly improving hydrocarbon extraction.


The initial energy density that can be transmitted and applied downhole is up to 4 million times the current best practice.

The pulsed power is applied to literally construct artificial reservoirs exhibiting both highly conductive induced permeability and a dynamic hydro-mechanical induced fluid drive mechanism. The reservoir construction method is immediately impactful for extraction of hydrocarbons in unconventional reservoirs without the need for hydraulic fracturing with its attendant environmental impact.

PERC also eliminates the need for horizontal drilling of long lateral lengths as the plasma energy radiates out horizontally from the wellbore constructing new fluid and gas pathways for extraction.

Total hydrocarbon recovery is anticipated to be an order of magnitude higher than is currently available.

The technology is also highly applicable for artificial reservoir construction within geothermal wells, specifically targeting ultra-hot dry rock for clean renewable energy.

We believe this is the pathway to a sustainable energy future as we reduce emissions and help sustain affordable energy.


What if...

We could construct an ENTIRE reservoir without:

  • The use of specialized chemicals
  • 15-18 million lbs. of proppant
  • 5-20+ million gal. of precious water
  • The use of 20,000+ gal. of diesel per day for frac trucks
  • Well hits (sanding-in nearby wells and stopping production)
  • Wireline, frac plugs and drill outs
  • Potential microseismic events
  • Dealing with anti-frac legal challenges and moratoriums
  • And...

Perform instant production - With 60%+ hydrocarbon recovery

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