From our Founder

GreenChem Energy is the embodiment of a long-held desire to advance several targeted and complimentary technology programs that, in combination, is expected to provide a sustainable and affordable mix of clean energy on a world class scale basis. Success in developing these technologies is anticipated to provide affordable clean water, clean energy, waste conversion and energy intensive chemical processes anywhere in the world. The significance of the successful development of these technologies lays in the potential of their scalability to meet the sustainable energy needs of the anticipated explosion of the world population growth.

Hal Curlett · Founder

Our Story

GreenChem Energy has developed a unique and patented process for delivering ultrahigh levels of Electro-Static Pulsed energy downhole. We call this the ESTim Reservoir Construction Method.

EStim is based on decades of research and testing by multinational energy companies, universities, and national laboratories.

The downhole electrical energy pulse provides an unprecedented energy source to power known processes to enhance the permeability (fluid connectivity) within hydrocarbon bearing geologic formations. Enhancing the permeability results in significantly improving hydrocarbon extraction.


The initial energy density that can be transmitted and applied downhole is up to 4 million times the current best practice.

The pulsed power is applied to literally construct artificial reservoirs exhibiting both highly conductive induced permeability and a dynamic hydro-mechanical induced fluid drive mechanism. The reservoir construction method is immediately impactful for extraction of hydrocarbons in unconventional reservoirs without the need for hydraulic fracturing with its attendant environmental impact.

EStim also eliminates the need for horizontal drilling of long lateral lengths as the plasma energy radiates out horizontally from the wellbore constructing new fluid and gas pathways for extraction.

Total hydrocarbon recovery is anticipated to be an order of magnitude higher than is currently available.

The technology is also highly applicable for artificial reservoir construction within geothermal wells, specifically targeting ultra-hot dry rock for clean renewable energy.

We believe this is the pathway to a sustainable energy future as we reduce emissions and help sustain affordable energy.


What if...

We could construct an ENTIRE reservoir without:

  • The use of specialized chemicals
  • 15-18 million lbs. of proppant
  • 5-20+ million gal. of precious water
  • The use of 20,000+ gal. of diesel per day for frac trucks
  • Well hits (sanding-in nearby wells and stopping production)
  • Wireline, frac plugs and drill outs
  • Potential microseismic events
  • Dealing with anti-frac legal challenges and moratoriums
  • And...

Perform instant production - With 60%+ hydrocarbon recovery

Our people

Our board of directors have an average of 40 years of experience in both the operations and management of the Oil & Gas industry. Together they are bringing this revolutionary technology to bear against the pollution, carbon footprint and ecological damage that industry standards are having on our world.

Hal Curlett


Mr. Curlett is the founder of GreenChem Energy LLC and has 50+ years of operational, management and ownership experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. Mr. Curlett has been involved in numerous technology research and developments within the oil and gas, geothermal and clean energy fields. His operational background includes the high arctic region, drilling offshore wells on ice islands, offshore Gulf of Mexico and drilling with novel high velocity jet drill bits. He has over 30 patents concerning oil and gas and geothermal equipment and processes which includes the disruptive EStim technology. A personal career highlight was helping rescue baby Jessica McClure, an 18-month-old child who fell into an open wellbore in Midland, TX. In 1987 where his expertise in high velocity jet drilling was used.

Allen Sinor


Mr. Sinor is the CEO of GreenChem Energy LLC and has 40 years of operations, sales and technology development experience. Key roles include VP Sales US & GoM, VP Global Accounts, VP Drill Bit Systems, VP Technology, Director Worldwide Applications Engineering and Director Research and Development. He has Industry recognition in the field of innovation with 32 patents, 23 papers and 11 industry awards. Select recognition includes the 2010 SPE Drilling Engineering award, four World Oil awards for innovation, two Hart’s Meritorious Engineering awards and the US National Committee for Rock Mechanics Case History Research award. Mr. Sinor assisted with the SPE Applied Drilling textbook and served as a SPE Guest Lecturer. Mr. Sinor has a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa

Willy Verbrugghe

Board of Advisors

Mr. Verbrugghe serves on the Service Corps of Retired Executives along with other board positions. He has been the CEO of six separate Billion-dollar International Industrial Manufacturing Technology companies and four Technology (non-IT) startups in ten different industries. Mr. Verbrugghe has worked for twenty thousand people as a servant leader and has had manufacturing plants and service centers in over 186 countries around the world. He has been the chairman of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Texas, Chairman of the Mayor of Houston International Trade and Development Council and helped create the World Chamber of Commerce of Texas. He has five Masters degrees: a Master’s in Electronics and Semiconductors, Master’s in Nuclear Science Technology and Radioprotection, Master’s in Finance, Business and Administration, Master’s in International Sales and Marketing and Master’s in Operations Improvement. He speaks 8+ languages and has lived in five different countries. He is fondly nickname as Mr. International.

Silent Member

Board of Advisors

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of a company that provides strategic options to owners of significant portfolios of mineral rights and royalties exceeding $100 million in value. He has 20+ years of operational, engineering and acquisitions experience. Previous roles include VP Engineering, VP Acquisitions, Reservoir Engineer and Reserves Coordinator at a major IOC. He has a B.S in Petroleum & natural Gas Engineering.

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