From our CEO

Developing sustainable energy for mankind is much more than a vision, it is the next phase of our evolution. Food, water and sustainable energy supplies are necessary to support a global population which is expected to grow by 29% to 9.7 billion people by 2050. With this growth, energy demand will grow by an estimated 50% requiring all forms of power generation. Our journey to sustainability requires change, it requires disruptive thinking. Disruptive technologies are not breakthrough technologies that make good products better. Instead, they alter the market completely. GreenChem Energy will be a leader in this disruption. Cleaner, environmentally friendly hydrocarbon stimulation processes and ultimately, leading to unbound geothermal energy and molecular processing..

Allen Sinor · CEO

Our Vision & Mission

We are a sustainable energy technology company


We aim for a fair and balanced equality and gender split in all levels of the organization and strive for diversity in mind and education. We look for leaders and innovators to collaborate and think outside of the box as we develop truly disruptive energy technology.